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Engineering Achievement: Innovating Solutions for a Changing World

AYS International General Trading and Contracting Co., W.L.L. was founded in 2008 to provide general construction and contracting services in the fields of civil, architectural, and mechanical engineering.

AYS International also has a specialised branch that provides fitting out and electro-mechanical contracting services to both commercial and government projects. At the Beginning, the firm has completed various projects in a variety of sectors, including industrial, offices, retail outlets, residential, health clinics, industrial factories, educational facilities, and manufacturing facilities. Currently, AYS has completed various projects with full handover to all governmental bodies such as MEW, KFD, MOC, and so on. AYS International has the resources and ability to meet the demands of its clients in a professional way. 

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Our Keys for Development:

Building a Strong Foundation: Key Principles of AYS Engineering

Desire for Excellence​

Desire for excellence of AYS Engineering a catalyst for personal and professional development, driving individuals and organizations towards greatness and leaving a lasting impact on the world.​

Trust and confidence​

AYS Engineers Build Trust and confidence, that contribute to healthy and successful relationships and create a strong foundation for cooperation, effective communication, and mutual support, enabling individuals and groups to navigate challenges, and achieve collective success.​


AYS Engineering Transparency refers to the quality of being open, honest, and clear in communication, actions, and decision-making processes. It involves sharing relevant information, disclosing intentions, and being accountable for one’s actions.​

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Encourage collaboration and teamwork among AYS Engineers, fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment where diverse perspectives are valued and leveraged.​

Continuous Improvement​

Promote a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging AYS Engineers to learn from past experiences, identify areas for growth, and implement innovative strategies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Effective Communication​

Emphasize effective communication skills among AYS Engineers, ensuring clear and concise exchange of information with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders at every stage of a project.​

AYS Engineering Trusted Partner

Meet AYS Engineering trusted partner, earning the confidence and loyalty of clients worldwide. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional engineering solutions, they prioritize open communication, collaboration, and integrity in every project.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Reliability and Timeliness​

Meeting deadlines and delivering projects on time is a priority for us. We understand the importance of timely completion, and we employ efficient project management strategies.​


Our dedication is to provide exceptional quality in all our work. We follow strict quality assurance procedures to ensure that our clients receive dependable and resilient engineering solutions.​

Transparency and Communication​

We believe in open and transparent communication with our clients. We keep them informed about project progress, potential challenges, and any changes that may arise.

Long-Term Relationships ​

We value long-term partnerships with our clients. By consistently providing exceptional service and delivering successful projects, we aim to be the go-to engineering firm for our clients.


AYS Engineering boasts a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive expertise in various engineering. Our knowledge and experience enable us complex projects provide innovative solutions.

Project Goals​

At AYS Engineering, our primary project goals revolve around consistently delivering exceptional outcomes that surpass our clients’ expectations. We are dedicated to pursuing excellence across all facets of our work.

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